Online Memorial
from Family & Friends

Collaborate to create an online memorial honoring a loved one. Add memories, photos, and videos; invite others to post; visit online anytime or print it out.

Create TributeBoard

Start Online Memorial

Begin a TributeBoard in honor of a loved one.


Add your content

Attach messages, photos, and videos to your loved one's board.


Share with others

Invite family & friends to add their contributions.


Display the board

Access the board online or print it as a poster.

Sample Use

Dylan's father passed away recently. Dylan created him an online memorial, added cherished memories, several photos, and a video; then invited family and friends from around the country to contribute. Dylan printed the board for display at the funeral.

TributeBoard Options

Mini Board

Perfect for a smaller board with limited contributions, or to test out TributeBoard
  • Features
  • Maximum of 20 posts
  • Add memories, pictures, & videos
  • Desktop & mobile friendly
  • No advertisements
  • Accessible anytime
  • Printable poster download
  • Upgradeable to Unlimited

Unlimited Board

(one-time charge)
Great for a group to add as many memories, pictures, & videos as desired
  • All Mini features +
  • Unlimited posts / contributors

Want to print as a poster?

You can download a high-resolution version of the TributeBoard and print it yourself for free, or we can print and ship anywhere in the continental US.

Sample printed TributeBoard

Frequently Asked Questions

TributeBoard is an online memorial site that allows you to collaborate with family & friends to honor a loved one who has passed away.

A Mini TributeBoard is free and and allows 20 posts (either from 20 individual contributors, or from fewer contributors who each make several posts). A Mini TributeBoard can be upgraded to Unlimited for $49 at any time, which allows family & friends to post as much content as desired.

TributeBoard is focused on making it easy for family and friends to share memories, pictures, and videos in a way that is both visually appealing online and printable.

TributeBoards are only available to those whom you provide the unique link. Your TributeBoard is not publicly listed on our website.

There are a few different options to invite other contributors to share their memories, pictures, and videos on the TributeBoard you've created. You can copy/paste the board link into your own message to contributors, invite them to add through facebook, or use our email system to send an invitation.

There are a few things you can do to get family and friends involved:
a) Show, don't tell. Before you invite others to contribute, write a heartfelt message and post photos and videos.
b) Give a deadline. Asking people to get their contributions in by a certain date makes a difference -- particularly if you want to print it.
c) Follow up. Remind contributors about the board before the deadline you provided.

No. Contributors are not required to register to add to a TributeBoard.

The TributeBoard creator has ultimate privileges to edit, move around, and delete content.

Yes. The TributeBoard can be locked and unlocked at any point by the board creator.

No. Your board will remain online and accessible at no additional cost. And for peace of mind: you can always download all of your board content, at any point, for offline access.

Yes. Your low-resolution backgrounds are replaced with high-resolution counterparts, videos are replaced with images (the ones you see before pressing "play"), and the entire board is delivered as a single JPG. You can download the poster at no cost and take it to a print shop, or we can print and ship a copy.

Depending on the number of contributions your board receives - you can choose to print it with 3-, 6-, or 12- columns (and in these instances we recommend a width of 12”, 24” or 48”). The length of the board will be determined by the amount of content you’ve received.

The board will not be a standard poster dimension since it’s size is determined by the amount of content added.

The size of your board will determine the cost to print it as a poster. For a board with 50 contributions you should expect to spend anywhere from $50-$75 USD to print at a print shop in the US. Our shipped prints are priced at $30 + $4/sq. foot, which will similarly cost $50-$75 for a board with 50 contributions (including shipping).

We can print and ship anywhere in the continental US, and delivery typically takes 1-2 weeks. We recommend you download the poster for free and print it yourself at a print shop if your need is time sensitive.

Email us at [email protected] We'll get back to you within 1 business day.

When my father passed away, family across the entire country wanted to honor him. I searched through dozens of online memorial websites, and TributeBoard was perfect. It allowed everyone to add their cherished memories and photographs.

James C., Nevada

Our family used TributeBoard to create an enormous 4 foot x 6 foot printed poster honoring my mom. Seeing all the photos and memories that everyone added, even though we were not in the same place before the funeral, was so special.

Denise R., Connecticut

When my grandfather passed, we used TributeBoard to create an online memorial website in his honor. I go back to it again and again to read all the beautiful notes written by family members.

Jennifer R., Nebraska